Site Overview

I have elected to divide this site into branches of my ancestry. Living relatives are excluded for the most part, though their names are included where required for context. I have also attempted to exclude people for whom I have little or no documentation in my files, though I'm sure a few "was born ... was died" entries have slipped through. Please note that while many of the Morford and Stubbart images are in possession of my family, several of those, and most of my Spillman and Hamlin exhibits, were generously provided by cousins and fellow researchers. Provenance is not yet noted online for most photos. Please contact me if you'd like to provide proper credit for images of any of our shared ancestors; the photo owner may not be me, and you could be missing out on a connection with a closer relative by not asking.


The Morfords and allied lines are the ancestors of my remarkable great-grandmother Audrey Fay Morford and her mother Etta Belle Lyon. The Morfords and Lyons are pioneer families; both lines stretch back to the American colonial period and migrated frequently. Key surnames include Morford (of Monmouth), Lyon (of Roxbury), Viles (from Maine, not Massachusetts), and Norton, all found in the northeast and midwest United States.


My Stubbart family originated in Nova Scotia, and branched out to the U.S. in the mid 19th century. The allied lines of Wood and Brown appear to be largely Canadian and English in origin, and the briefly allied Mitchell line comes from Ayre, Scotland. My midwestern Hollaman ancestors are also presented here, though my research on them is far less advanced. Key surnames include Stubbart (and variants), Hollaman, Brown, Bixby, and Blythe.


The Spillmans in my line appear to spring from the Pennsylvania Germana Colony. Like most of my other lines, the Spillmans are a pioneer family, who gradually migrated west—from Pennsylvania to Kentucky and eventually Missouri and Colorado—in search of better, cheaper, and more productive land. They tend toward large families and vigorous old age. Key surnames include Spillman, Rowlett, and Lindeman. They are primarily allied with my Hamlin relatives.


In addition to my Hamlin line, this subsite includes the allied McCormick and Barrett families of Missouri, which originate in the east and south, as well as the Sweet and Brown families originally from Canada. These families are allied not only with my paternal Spillman ancestors, but also with my maternal Stubbarts. Intermarriages that direct to other subsites are noted (or if they are not, they soon will be).